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Kurrajong Heights Grass Billy Karting and Recreation Park is a place to experience the thrill and excitement of downhill grass karting as well as being able to enjoy fresh air, a fantastic view and a place to bushwalk or relax.

The grass karts feature four wheel steering, shock absorbing air filled tyres and friction braking which makes them quite capable off-road thrill machines.

With beginners and advanced downhill areas and runs of up to 400m to zoom down!

No need to walk back up the top, sit back and relax while being towed with our mechanical lift.

For safety and comfortability Kurrajong Grass Karts are better suited to drivers that meet the following guidelines:

9 years and over
taller than 130cm

Consumption of alcohol is not permitted prior to riding karts, other contra-indications include pregnancy, heart conditions, back injuries, epilepsy etc.

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